Help Support New Housing Opportunities in LA County

Approve the Royal Vista Residential Project in Rowland Heights!

Los Angeles County continues to have a critical shortage of new housing opportunities. Now we have an opportunity to bring a new homes development to Rowland Heights, an unincorporated part of the county that is close to job centers and transportation.  

The Royal Vista Residential Project proposes to repurpose a part of the closed Royal Vista Golf Course for new housing and open space.  Located off the 60 freeway in the East San Gabriel Valley, the Project would provide 360 new homes including more than 80 affordable units while maintaining more than 35% of the site as open space and trails for public use. This creative for-sale/owner-occupied housing proposal is sensitive to the adjacent, existing single-family neighborhoods while also accommodating various income levels. 

Significant efforts have been made to provide community benefit by leaving significant acreage as open space and creating greenway buffers between the proposed new homes and the existing neighborhoods. Additionally, the plan incorporates a recreational trail system that can be utilized by all area residents. 

The Royal Vista Residential Project is also estimated to generate more than $2.86 million annually for the County and provide more than 1,170 construction jobs.

Please click the link to share your support with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. We have provided draft text, but we urge you to add a sentence or two up front or edit it however you see fit. It takes just a few minutes of your time but will help a lot.  We greatly appreciate your support.

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Subject:   SUPPORT: Royal Vista Residential Project – Rowland Heights

Dear Honorable Members of the Board of Supervisors:

I am writing in support of the Royal Vista Residential Project in the Rowland Heights community of unincorporated Los Angeles County.

To address our housing crisis we must build more housing of all kinds, including for sale, price-attainable units. The Royal Vista Residential Project is an ideally suited re-use of a 75-acre site on a closed golf course adjacent to existing single-family neighborhoods.  

The proposed project: 

  • Provides 360 for-sale dwelling units with a mix of single-family units on individual lots as well as duplex, triplexes and townhomes 
  • Dedicates eighty-two (22.7%) of the units for sale to moderate- or middle-income households — exceeding the County’s inclusionary housing requirements
  • Maintains 35% of the land as publicly accessible open space including a trail system/linear walking park approximately 2 miles in length
  • Creates new connectivity among neighborhoods to accommodate and encourage pedestrian and bicycle use
  • Is in close proximity to job centers, existing transit service, schools and other community resources
  • Is estimated to generate more than $2.86 million annually for the County and provide more than 1,170 construction jobs

I appreciate your consideration of this Project and urge the Board of Supervisors to approve the Royal Vista Residential Project in Rowland Heights.