Proposed Project

The land for the Royal Vista Golf Club is currently split between multiple landowners who lease it to a course operator. Unfortunately, the Royal Vista Golf Club has struggled to remain profitable and can no longer afford to maintain all 27 holes. (An agreement to operate it as a golf course expired in 2016.)

Knowing this, the owners of the eastern section of the course are interested in rededicating their portion of the land to badly-needed housing, open space, and trails. The plan includes 200 single-family detached homes, 58 duplex homes, 30 triplex homes, and 72 townhome units, with wide, landscaped recreational trail areas separating the new development from existing neighboring homes. The plan provides a range of new housing options for local families, including an affordable housing component.

The Royal Vista clubhouse and rest of the golf course would be unaffected by this plan, while most of the project’s immediate neighbors would retain views of maintained green space and new open spaces. Given the inevitable changes to the Royal Vista Golf Club, it is a solution created with the desire to preserve Rowland Heights’ community character and respect its existing neighborhoods.

Four Touchstones

Finding a balanced approach to the current and future needs of the community.

Golf ball

Royal Vista Golf Club is closing operations

It’s not a secret that for some time the golf course has been struggling, unable to afford needed course and clubhouse improvements and the land leases on all 27 holes. Royal Vista Golf Club is now operating on a month-by-month basis, temporarily subsidized by their landowners.

This development would only affect the eastern part of the course; the rest of the land and the clubhouse are owned by others and are not part of the Royal Vista Residential Project.

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The area needs new housing for families and workers

Even as the Rowland Heights area continues to prosper economically, it’s falling further behind in providing enough new homes for professionals and families. The project’s diverse range of for-sale houses, duplexes, triplexes, and townhomes would meet a variety of homebuyer needs—and includes an affordable housing component. As part of its investment in the area’s future, it also funds improvements to public streets and sidewalks and upgrades street lighting and landscaping.

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1/3 of the land dedicated to publicly accessible open space and trails

With over 28 acres of publicly accessible open space and wide greenway buffering them from the new homes, most of the adjacent neighbors will retain their private green views. The paseo recreational trail system / linear walking park will stretch over two miles and feature trees and extensive landscaping on either side. It minimizes the footprint of the new homes and honors the view of existing homeowners.

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Repurpose the land for the community’s broadest benefit

As this portion of the Royal Vista Golf Club changes, it creates opportunities for the community to weigh in on how Rowland Heights should evolve, too. In proposing homes that are much more compatible with existing neighborhoods, this project put into practice past lessons from other, higher-density proposals. We will continue to listen, too, holding community meetings, providing FAQs on our website, and participating in public meetings and hearings.

Upcoming Public Events

UPDATE: Notice of Public Hearing: Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission

Hearing date and time:

Hearing location:

Hall of Administration, 320 W. Temple Street, Room 170
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Virtual (Online) at  By phone at (669) 444-9171 or (719) 359-4580 (ID: 858 6032 6429)

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We will continue to update and expand the list of documents over time.

Past Meetings

December 13, 2023

In-person Community Meeting

December 11, 2023

In-person Community Meeting

December 6, 2022

In-person Community EIR Scoping Meeting

November 14, 2022

In-person Community Meeting

November 1, 2022

Online Community EIR Scoping Meeting

December 7, 2021

Online Community Informational Meeting

NOTE: Residential product types and quantities have been modified since the Dec. 7, 2021 community informational meeting.

Transcripts of the meeting are available in Chinese, Korean, and Spanish

October 19, 2021

Online Board of Supervisors Hearing

July 28, 2021

Online Regional Planning Commission Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Questions and comments from the Community Informational Meeting have been edited for brevity and to reduce redundancies.  A full recording of the December 7th meeting can be found above. In addition, some responses below have been modified based on recent Site Plan changes which increased the proposed number of residential units from 322 to 360.